Our primary service at Dementia Detailing is to assist and empower Health Care Professionals, Aged Care Staff, Carers or family members to improve the quality of care they provide to those living with cognitive decline (dementia). We work with you to achieve your goals in supporting the needs of the individual, now and tomorrow.

Our vision is to generate an experience of care that is dignified, personalised, meaningful, and comfortable.

We specialise in assisting you with the inclusion of communities with distinct needs, such as, those living with dementia, the culturally and linguistically diverse and LGBTIQ.

Our Services

Dementia Detailing is proud to be an Adelaide based business offering unique services to those caring for people living with dementia. Our scope of work extends from the individual to the corporate client; from the inception of care through to end of life.

We assist and empower carers to identify and meet the distinct needs of those living with dementia, and work along side them in finding sustainable solutions to the challenges of care they face.

Our services are delivered via education, implementation and mentoring strategies . We utilize evidence based practice, where ever possible, current research, a wealth of experience and common sense. Our tailored services have a clinical and well-being focus and aim to improve the quality of life of each individual living with dementia; so they may live with dignity their way.

Transition to Permanent Care Package

Our Transition to Permanent Care Package is a tailored service primarily for individuals moving into permanent care from home or respite care, but can also be used for those moving in from acute (hospital) care or when moving from one aged care provider to another. This service can be further utilised when moving from hospital or rehabilitation back to the home setting too. No matter the destination, dementia detailing offers tailored services that assist in optimising a positive experience for those living with dementia during times of transition.

Dementia Detailing developed this service because we saw a distinct unmet need particular to times of transition for individuals living with dementia, their families and providers of aged care. Times of transition are a stressful and demanding time in life. We understand that those living with dementia have distinct and specialised needs, and at times of change their needs become more particular and prominent. People living with dementia who move from a familiar environment to one that is foreign, such as moving from home into residential care, will frequently trigger for them an experience of stress, fear and confusion as they are unable to easily interpret their new environment. In turn, this is frequently reflected in their behaviours, which might be observed or described as being problematic, aggressive, agitated, and disturbing to other residents. We aim to minimize this experience for the individual living with dementia by working together with them, their family and by partnering with the relevant aged care provider to tailor a plan of transition that meets the individual's specific needs.

The package is typically delivered over a six week period, however, as it is a tailored service this time frame is flexible and is appropriately adapted to suit the individual needs of each client. We treat each client as a valued individual and offer efficient solutions which add meaning to their quality of life.

Mentoring services

We offer tailored mentoring services to carers of individuals living with dementia. Our mentoring services can cater to the needs of carers who may be family members caring in the home setting, to those who are health professionals practicing in a health care environment. Mentoring can be delivered as a one on one service or may be provided in a group setting. By nature this service has an educational element to it, which can be formally presented along with the mentoring services in the group setting.

Mentoring services aim to empower carers with sustainable specialised skills and a discerning understanding of the individual living with dementia . These skills and knowledge will assist them in identifying the needs of the individual for whom they care, and in finding dignified solutions to the challenges of care they face.

Tailored Implementation services

Dementia detailing offer services working collaboratively with corporate aged care providers or health care providers to assist them in the implementation of initiatives or programs to assist with becoming dementia care competent. Dementia is recognised as a national health priority by both Federal and State Governments, who support the urgent need to reform health services so they can demonstrate a strong competence of care in the services they deliver to those living with dementia.

Mission Statement

To improve the quality of life of all people living with or without cognitive decline who are chronologically or functionally aged, via education, implementation, mentoring and outcome strategies. We aim to help you create a dignified, meaningful and personalized service of care, extending from its inception through to end of life.

Vision Statement

That all people living with or without cognitive decline who are chronologically or functionally aged, experience a service of care that is dignified, personalized, meaningful, comfortable and that identifies and meets their changing needs.